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JewelEye Piercing - Bling For Your Cornea

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Be warned. This post is not for the squeamish. Did you know extreme body modifications now include eye (actually the sclera not cornea) piercings? These platinum eye jewels are surgically implanted.

The eye surgeons at the Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery first developed the technique back in 2002. Patents are pending. The procedure is entirely for cosmetic reasons and your normal eye function is not affected. You also get to choose from different shapes - heart, star,four leaf clover, music note and even the Eurosign!

The institute has actually produced this video showing how surgeons create a little pocket in the superficial conjunctiva (the thin transparent membrane covering the outer eye)to insert the jeweleye. The video is pretty graphic so you may wish to skip it if watching surgeries is so not your thing. I found it worse than seeing how they do facelifts which gave me the shivers.

They do recommend antibiotics as a follow up which should remind everyone any surgery carries risks. I cannot understand why anyone would willing submit to an unnecessary surgical procedure on perfectly healthy eyes. There are other alternatives if you really, really must have sparkles in your eyes. The Swarovski contact lens bling I wrote about before comes to mind.

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  1. I saw enough just scrolling past the video! It never ceases to amaze me what people will do! Implanting diamonds in their front teeth made me cringe but this is just plain stupid. I cannot believe the "doctors" doing this are considered reputable. I wouldn't go to any doctor who did this procedure for a hangnail much less to have my eyes looked at! Argh-h-h!!!!

    (hostility not directed at you Pearl, :) )

  2. Believe me, there WILL be people who go for such things.

  3. Wow. Just the thought makes me cringe. haha.

    I think it's interesting to see what kind of innovations people come up with, different ways to adorn the human body, etc., but this one in particular creeps me out.

    I wonder if you can feel it in there? (Ick.)

  4. Two words... NO WAAAY!?

    Amazing... again Pearl! How on earth do you keep finding these things?!

  5. While an interesting doesn't appeal to me! I have a difficult time understanding why someone would want to implant something purely cosmetic in their eye...but then look at all the body piercing, tattooing, etc. I would be concerned abut infection, injury, the implant moving, etc. I guess some people like to be over the top...I'll just read about it!!!!! :0)


  6. Ewwww! I couldn't even read past the first few sentences. I'm definately and eye squeamish person. I don't wear contacts but tried them once -thought I was going to go batties!

    In the name of fashion this is just crazy. And did I mention -ouch! I can't believe this is good for your eye(s). :-(

  7. so crazy awesome.. i have some crazy piercings, but this is nuts...

  8. Nuts, ewww, crazy - yep, that just about describes it!

  9. Huh. I guess some people will do just about anything for attention. Maybe it all has to do with the "Me" generation's way of raising children....they never got the attention they needed as kids so they feel a need to do the most out-there things to themselves to get it?

  10. Oh dear! I wonder how long you'd have to use antibiotics. I'd also worry about eyes tear something awful! But the itching with that in I'd think would be dangerous!

  11. I would do it! I'm 80% blind in my right yey so its really no loss for me. =D this idea rocks