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Each affiliate link brings in a small commission on any purchase made through them. I am both an Amazon and Modahaus affiliate.   I have found Modahaus's innovative photography setups to be excellent and highly recommend them. As I offer freelance writing services and social media assistance to various small businesses through Business Expressions in Bloom, Modahaus is also a client in that respect.

I was or am a Design Ambassador or on the Blogging Design Teams of several companies such as Art Beads, Prima Beads, Goody Beads, Ecuadorian Hands, Endless Leather and so on.  I also accept review samples from these companies which are then used for designs in showcase giveaway posts and occasionally the writing of free tutorials. Completed pieces are sometimes sold as my Life Collection on Etsy where 100% of the net proceeds go to cancer research.

I only accept products for review if they are potentially useful for readers.

I believe books are a tremendous source of knowledge and inspiration. I do accept books for review - I can't write about a book unless I can see it!


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