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October 2007 : An Extraordinarily Different Jewelry Blog (link no longer available)
January 2008: The Beading Gem is Interviewed on Signature Gems 
October 2008: Beading Gem : How the Web is Transforming Crafts
August 1 2009 : Featured Beading Teacher : Pearl from the Beading Gem's Journal (on Handmade Jewelry Club)
August 31 2009 : Beading Gem : Jewelry Expressions in Bloom
September 2009: Featured Designer : The Beading Gem 
February 2010 : Heart Throb necklace from the Beading Gem's shop
April 2010 : Pearl of the Beading Gem (Handmade Artists Forum)

April 18 2010: Pearl of the Beading Gem

March 2012 :  What a Gem! Featured Designer - Pearl Blay
March 2012 :  Featured on Online Colleges USA
May 2012 : Featured Artist on Mixed Kreations Jewelry (link no longer available)
May 2012 : The Pearl of the Beading World on Wire Workers Guild
April 2014 Featured on the Little Koo Blog
July 2014 : Podcast interview with Ingrid Talpak of WebTalk Radio.  Also available on iTunes (free) 7/27/2014 episode
February 2015 : Interview on Trendhunter : Interacting with your viewers
October 2016  :  Best Jewelry Blogs 2016 : Most Influential Experts
March 2018 : The Designing and Beading Gem Talks About Her Master Tools
April 2018 : Pearl's Studio on Cut Out and Keep

Guest Posts
5 Reasons Why Artists Should Write a Blog

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