This new on-demand 24/7  course is specially developed for jewelry artisans so they do not struggle with taking photos of their work.  Learn to take good pictures and promote to your online store - fast!!!

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"What a great photography webinar. You covered all the bases of creating photography for online viewing, selling or posting for any number of reasons. The App names you provided are excellent for creating those perfect photos without having to go to a computer. I love the idea of keeping it simple. Taking pictures correctly, with very little editing has always been a challenge, so I’m looking forward to following the simple steps you provided to take the stress out of the many steps involved in taking your images to the next level. It’s amazing how much we can do on our phones, although there was much information on using your DSLR camera, too. Anyone with an online presence that uploads images would benefit from your webinar. The price was so extremely reasonable for the information given.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! "
Kathy Lowe

"Your webinar was great! The content you covered was very helpful. I always wondered what was meant by "white light" and why it is so important when taking photographs. I like your "check list" of things to do before you take a photo. Never thought much about the settings and how important it is to do them before you shoot! I learned so much!" Margret from Joyfull Jewellery

"Thank you so much for the wonderful class. It was informative and inspiring! I learned so many things, and I'm especially happy that you talked about artificial light -- my place is very dim in the winter."  Maria

"Just wanted to thank you, again, for a most informative webinar.You reviewed things I'd already discovered on my own, and added MANY tips and suggestions to motivate me to start the
process of taking photographs of my necklaces again. I really liked the flow of information and the before/after shots. Think I'll try the android app before the camera as I think the phone/computer setup looks so efficient." M Teresa Santiago

"I love it when a class exceeds my expectations. In Pearl’s photography webinar I found a wealth of new ideas along with a great refresher on long-forgotten camera basics. I particularly enjoyed the sections on spot metering, depth of field and exposure value. Another big plus was seeing the Modahaus Tabletop Studio in action. Combined with Pearl’s tips, it’s the ideal way to take great photos of my work. I’m ordering one right away. Many thanks, Pearl!” Sally Bee.

"I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to improve the photos they take of their jewelry. She explained so well how to set up the camera settings, what types of focus to use, lighting, backgrounds, etc. The detail was excellent. Pearl is personable and easy to understand. She allows the students to communicate with her and ask questions. It is jam packed with helpful information, and a terrific bargain for your education dollars."  LeAllyson M.

"I just took this webinar again with Pearl. I just can't recommend this webinar with Pearl enough.I learned more again the second time around plus Pearl has added to the webinar since her early days. She also answers any questions you might have no matter how trivial (and we all have those questions we are afraid to ask in case we look just plain dumb). Pearl goes through your answers step by step and makes everything so clear and easy to understand.

We had the great good fortune to have Lex McColl who developed the Modahaus Tabletop Studio for photography. It was wonderful to listen to him talk about photography and cameras and have him listen to our problems about taking jewelry photographs. He even had incredible patience to wait while we searched for a photograph I had taken of one of my creations that I had a problem with. I learned so much from him as well. Thank you again Lex!

And - Thank you Pearl for the amount of work you have put into this webinar. I - always - learn something new each time I take it. I really can't thank you enough for your professionalism and your experiences and your sharing."  Aims A.

"The webinar was well thought out and comprehensive, providing a wide variety of things that might never occur to a newcomer. As you said, you've been there and done that but how helpful to have that information in the planning stages! The presentation was very professionally done as well." Chardell K.

"First, let me say how much I learned in your jewelry photography webinar! I'm switching to using my iPhone 5s, and have a tripod and camera mount coming soon. I'm playing with the Camera + app, so I'll be putting it all together shortly!" Karen O.

"It was well organized and presented. I more fully understand how to photograph my jewelry now and with further experimentation, I am confident I can begin taking the quality of pictures my creations deserve! I gained much needed info from your webinar and am very excited to start applying that knowledge. I am glad I waited and learned how to do it correctly instead of posting poor photographs! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and I am addicted to your blog!" Tamera V.

"Pearl, the webinar was amazing! Lots of great information and I am looking forward to playing around with my new iphone 6 as well as getting more familiar with my samsung camera. Thanks so much for all the hard work that obviously went into this webinar!" LeAnne R.

"I thought your presentation was very good and I appreciated getting all the information in one place. I took copious notes and am going to try to get to know the settings better on my Lumix camera and try some of your recommendations." Kay A.

"Thank you kindly for your patience and persistence in helping me get access to the webinar. The information and resources you provided were wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed it." Theresa T.

"Although I knew my pictures were terrible and not of any quality to “share” or show my completed jewelry designs for potential buyers, I did NOT realize how easy it would be to obtain those quality pictures until I took your seminar." Beth

"I was able to watch your slide presentation with ease and as you explained the best settings for a compact camera or iPhone...I made those adjustments along the way. Your experience and excellent attention to detail simplified such a challenging subject. I loved that we were able to communicate with you and ask questions and get quick responses. So now I believe "I can do it!" because of you! Where as before it felt daunting." Ginny

"Thanks so much for this webinar. There was a lot of great information given in an accessible way." Tiffany

"I have taken this seminar from Pearl and I have to say that I was blown away with the amount of information and knowledge I gained from this!! Pearl answered every question I had and I ended up with 3 pages of notes that I took as the seminar went along. I HIGHLY recommend this webinar for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of photographing their creations." Aims ( my first guinea pig for testing the webinar software)