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I subscribed but I haven't received any emailed posts
The most common reason is not clicking on the link given in the confirmation email sent after subscribing. Please check your spam box. Still can't find that confirmation email? Contact me and I'll help you out.  

Where do I comment?
Click on Comments the bottom of each post. If you are receiving an emailed post or use feeds,  Post a Comment is at the bottom. If for any reason it doesn't show, click on the post title to go to my actual blog where you can then enter your comments.

Use Name/URL option is the easiest. Just leave URL blank if you do not have an online presence.

Do you have a tutorial on.....?
First of all, check if I have written about the subject in the past.  There are several ways to search for back tutorial posts as outlined on How to Search this Blog. Still can't find it?  Then please contact me. I just might have the tutorial in my blog post queue!

Can my jewelry be featured on your blog?
Absolutely. I will either include an inspirational design of yours in the Reader Gallery or perhaps even write a post if your jewelry meets my blog criteria.  Email me.

Can my free tutorial be featured on your blog?
I'm only human. So if I haven't stumbled upon your free tutorial yet, do let me know! If you design tutorials for sale, I recommend writing a free one or two to help draw visitors to your site. Check out what I am looking for here.

Can I use your blog material?
You can so long as you link back to credit this blog. Just use one image and your own words. Do not copy and paste the entire post because that doesn't help you - Google does not like duplicate content so it will affect your rankings.  Also remember to properly credit the artisans and bloggers in the content.

Do you have a blog button or widget for my blog?
Yes, I do. Check out my Buttons page for the codes and choose what you prefer. 

Do you accept advertising?
Yep. Check out my Advertising page for basic information. Also consider a short term button ad.
Do you accept guest posts?
Yes, so long as it is of interest to readers.  Readers love step by step tutorials most - original ones, please. I no longer accept general jewelry topics. Topics that have nothing to do with crafts and jewelry making will not be accepted. Links are Nofollow according to Google policies. 

I found a wonderful designer!
Got a great idea or tip for a blog post? Then email me and I will credit the find in the post to you!  Also check here for additional information.

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