Monday, January 22, 2018

Winner of Shades of Clay's Fimo Doll Art Kit Giveaway

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It never surprises me how many beaders and jewelry makers are also into other crafts!  There were readers who were up for the challenge with last week's Fimo Doll Art Kit giveaway from Shades of Clay.   Tool Maven said, "I have been concentrating on assemblage art recently and frequently make dolls or doll parts as part of a project."

Using Lava Beads as an Essential Oil Diffuser | Easy Stretchy Gemstone Bracelet

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I've seen unsealed polymer clay beads and pendants being used as diffusers for essential oils. But another alternative is the humble lava bead. These work because the volcanic rock is pitted with tiny cavities, making it porous.  So I checked out how well they work by first making this easy stretchy bracelet - the inspiration came from a student who came to one of my classes at Iguana Beads made a smaller scented version. You can make other designs too.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Moana Inspired Heart of Te Fiti Necklace Tutorial

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The 2016 Disney movie, Moana, was a delightful hit with beautiful animation, outstanding music by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton musical fame) and vocal talent.  The strong young female lead has captured the attention of many girls.  One asked for the Heart of Te Fiti necklace so her mother, Melanie, of A Peace of Creativity on Etsy, made her one!  The Heart of Te Fiti, according to the story is "an ancient gem belong to the living Mother Island."

moana heart of te fiti inspired necklace tutorial

Saturday, January 20, 2018

This Fun Button Ring Tutorial Uses Thick Wire

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Button rings are fun to make, especially if you stack 2-3 of them together.  I've made many myself but used only 20 G wire. Check out this Judy Freyer Thompson wire ring tutorial which uses thick wire - 14 G.

wire button ring tutorial

Friday, January 19, 2018

Easy Beaded Snowflake Bracelet Tutorial

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Maybe some of you aren't so keen on the real thing. But this beaded snowflake bracelet tutorial by Sonysree Creations may well become a favorite.  Definitely suitable for beginners.  She is one of my favorite beading instructors. Her designs are often simple but delightful.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Easy Peasy Crackle Effect for Polymer Clay Jewelry

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I like easy ways to make something fabulous. And this easy peasy crackle effect tutorial for polymer clay jewelry by the Unruly Housewife fits the bill! The trick is to basically crack a very thin briefly baked (5 min) polymer sheet on a base of thicker clay.  Fun coloring with alcohol inks really makes this technique shine!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Spiral Wire Braiding and Making Your Own End Metal Caps

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You do not have to do Viking Knit when working with wooden dowels. Check out this tutorial for spiral wire braiding by Nanz Aalund.  Several wire lengths are taped to one end of the dowel and then twisted together in a spiral fashion. Great tip on rolling up each length and using ties so that the wires remain manageable. The completed wire tube is then drawn down as one does with Viking knits.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Original Tiny Beaded Earrings by Leslie Sykes O'Neill

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One way with seed beads is to really go all out, using lots and lots for intricate glamour. But the other way is to minimize the amount of seed beads used and still deliver great designs!  American beader, Leslie Sykes-O'Neill,  makes bracelets, brooches and necklaces too, what really caught my eye with her original tiny beaded earrings!