Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Live Succulent Plant Jewelry by PassionflowerMade

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Artisans who make live plant jewelry tend to use tiny terrariums or vases.  But Michigan based Susan McLeary does something very innovative. She "plants" live succulents onto jewelry findings and bases!  Her unique  bridal jewelry can be seen on her Etsy, PassionflowerMade.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Winner of Nunn Design's Summer 2016 Collection Giveaway

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Many of you were introduced to Nunn Design products through this blog.  Holly said, "Becky Nunn & her team always come up with wonderful designs, all made with quality materials and I like that they are made in the USA."  Lorraine also said, "Becky Nunn's ideas and the Nunn Designs are so versatile. Whether using resin, polymer clay or epoxy clay the possibilities in design are only limited by imagination." Spot on, both of you!

Book Review and Giveaway | Hubble Stitch

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Most if not all beading stitches have been around for so long no one knows who first created them. So it is pretty rare to come across a new beading stitch, let alone one which is so versatile and fits right in there with other modern beading techniques.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lisel Crowley's Designs in Sterling Silver Metal Clay and Tutorial

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Fine silver metal clay is usually the clay of choice for metal clay artists.  Almost pure silver, it doesn't need firescale clean up after torching. And it is very slow to tarnish later because there is no copper. But it's not as strong as sterling silver especially for bracelets.  Recently, metal clay artist Lisel Crowley got to test out Cool Tool's new EZ960 Sterling Silver Clay.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Make Your Own Travel Felt Jewelry Pouches | Gift Bags

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I've covered some nifty ways to travel with jewelry before. Ways in which keep them protected and organized. Here is one more which is simple yet stylish. The tutorial is by Lia Griffith. You don't even need a sewing machine for this one as it just requires blanket stitching.  But if you do have a machine with fancy stitches, then the job is a breeze. You could even consider using these as gift bags!

Friday, June 24, 2016

How to Make a Secret Message Resin Clay Bangle Tutorial

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I don't know about you.  But I personally do not like to wear jewelry with a personal message like "I Love You" emblazoned in script.  Using morse code is thus a discrete way of conveying sentiments.  I've designed a morse cord or name necklace before using wire coils and beads (see link below).  This easy tutorial is a different take using resin clay and channel bangles.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Clever Idea to Use Open Bezels, Silicone Molds and Resin

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Sometimes the simplest solutions are the cleverest.  Becky Nunn's clever idea to use deep channel open bezels or open frames (available from Nunn Design)  directly in prepared silicone molds led to some pretty amazing resin pendants. There is nothing wrong with using just a silicone mold to make many resin pendants.  But as Becky points out, there is the effort of cleaning up the edges of the final resin piece. So placing the  bezel in the silicone mold itself avoids that task.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Beautiful Beaded Floral Cluster Pendant Tutorial

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It's really wonderful to come across a beadwork tutorial that's different from most.  This tutorial by Olga Barannikova features a beautiful beaded floral cluster pendant.  It is a layered 3D design. What the designer clearly tried to do was create a basket of flowers.  It took her 8 hours to finish.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Natural Flower and Swarovski Smartphone Cases by House of Blings

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California based Melody of the House of Blings enjoys making things pretty.  Especially smartphone cases!  She has been adding her own touch to these for years in one of 2 ways. She uses pressed flowers in all sorts of clear smartphone cases - Apple, Samsung and Sony. These are colorful and unique in their compositions.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Winner of Jeweler's Enameling Workshop Book Giveaway

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Hats off to the readers who are already exploring the enameling technique!  Last week's book giveaway certainly intrigued some beginners.  While others were more experienced not just with enameling but with the instructor.

Nunn Design's Summer 2016 Collection Giveaway

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Many of my favorite components are from Nunn Design.  I especially like the antiqued finishes.  The overall handmade look to designs is simply lovely.  Their collection is constantly being updated. Their Summer 2016 collection is now out and one lucky winner will win a sample pack of this new offering.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

How Flame Painted Copper Art is Created

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Knowing that heat can color copper in glorious ways is one thing.  But to paint with it? That kind of blows my mind. So thanks to friend and reader Aims who spotted this amazing flame painted copper art video everyone's minds can be blown too. The Copper Colorists shown here are Skip and Racheal Mathews, metal smiths based in Arkansas. They are both masters at this unique art form.  They also teach the craft.

 Hummingbird by the Copper Colorists