Thursday, December 8, 2016

Missing Video Link for the Beaded Vase of Flowers Tutorial!

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My apologies!  I wish I could say I have been imbibing too much eggnog. But alas, I am a teetotaler! Must be the grey hair syndrome!  Please always check back on my actual blog if there is a missing tutorial link like today's beaded vase of flowers tutorial. Chances are, someone has emailed me to let me know of the error and I have corrected it!

Easy Beaded Vase of Flowers Pendant Tutorial

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Remember my wire wrapped vase of flowers pendant tutorial?  Well, I am not the only one who is inspired by vases of flowers!  Check out this new find, a simple beaded vase of flowers pendant by Turkish beader, Taki Tasarimlaki.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Great Wire Jewelry Designs in this Free eBook!

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I like this free eBook from the folks at Beading Daily because it covers many wire techniques well worth learning! You do have to join (free) to get the book. The six designs as you can see include wire coiling, bangle making, some wire wrapping,  a simple wire wrapped cabochon project, the classic wire wrapped bead ring, making simple wire forms and even the ever popular bird's nest element. Quite the list!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Iridescent Fairy Wings and Talisman Jewelry by Sihaya Designs

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Trying to stand out in a crowded market AND making a living out jewelry designing takes hard work, imagination and a dash of courage.  Just ask Christina Allen Page of Sihaya Designs!  What first caught my eye were her beautiful wire work and resin iridescent fairy wings.   I see them as gorgeous fantasy butterfly wings too.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Winner of Cindy Pankopf's Kiln Fired Silver Metal Clay Craftsy Class

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Well, well, well.  Not many of you are interested in owning a kiln or even learning how to use one.  But some did for last week's giveaway for Cindy Pankopf's Kiln Fired Silver Metal Clay Craftsy class.

Mill Lane Studio's 12 Days of Christmas Earrings Book Giveaway

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Going all out at creating awesome Christmas earrings this season?  You should as these make great gifts which you can create very quickly!  I have featured Myléne Hillam of Mill Lane Studio's tutorials in the past. This designer and instructor is full of inspirational and innovative designs.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Spiral Wire Wrapped Christmas Tree Earrings Tutorial

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This tutorial for a spiral wire wrapped Christmas tree earrings is by Christina Larsen of CSL Designs. It is not a difficult technique as you will be wire wrapping the beads on a double wire frame. The tricky bit comes when you have to bend the wire wrapped frame into a spiral shape. Christina just does it with her hands. She has clearly done this many times before.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bead and Wire Christmas Tree Table Decor

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We cannot help but be bead hoarders right?  So this is your chance to give a "plausible" reason for bead purchases!  You can explain how you need a lot of beads for decorative purposes or gifting for the holiday season!  Here are 3 excellent mini bead and wire Christmas tree tutorials for table decor. The construction techniques vary.