Enamel pins are wildly popular. They are communicative as the pins show themes and affiliations. They are fun, highly collectible and affordable. 

One talented artist is New Jersey designer,  Appleminte.  She specializes in adorable enamel pin designs.  Shown here are some of my favorites!  

Bat Pal Pin

Electric Fox Pin

Woodland Deer Pin

Chandelier Pal pin

Festival Shiba Dangling Pin

Mermaid Girl Pin

Cosmic Pal Pin

Dad Hat Pin 

Appleminte also has a wonderful Youtube channel where she shares many tips on how to draw and design.  One episode was Let's Make Enamel Pins . She explains what her process is  - from "an idea, to art and to a finished product." She actually shows the design process as the manufacturing part is done by a hard enamel pin maker.  (Note : The differences between hard and soft enamel pins).

There are many enamel pin manufacturers out there. As Appleminte says, making pins can be costly. Most artists would probably order just small batches for eg 50 pc, until they are sure a design will sell well.  

The process is expensive because a mold has to be made for each design and it is labor intensive with computer aided steps.  Watch how one company, GS-JJ, makes hard enamel pins

DreamWorkshopCraft shows his DIY method of making enamel pins with brass sheets, photoresist ink and electro-etching. Not for the faint-hearted. 

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