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Origami Style Enamel Pins by FoldItCreations

Gavin Canning of Toronto, Canada specializes in origami jewelry.  I featured his amazing metal origami work before.  But his FolditCreations shop also offers unique and gorgeous origami style enamel pins.

There are many animal ones including one of his bestsellers, the pink flamingo, as shown above.  My favorite though is his fox design!

Gavin also has a number of pop culture icons.  The Star Wars ones were definitely noteworthy!

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  1. What wonderfully imaginative jewelry. I found 2 cats for gifts for my wife. Looks like I may have taken them out from under the noses of 2 people who were thinking about them.

    I made a quilt that contained 96 5" blocks that look like origami cranes. The day Hiroshima was bombed, I had my first birthday. As I grew older, while I understood the need to end the war, I have always regretted the method. I've always had an affinity for origami cranes after reading about Sadako Sasaki and her 1,000 origami cranes.

    1. Snooze and you lose! Good for you! I bought one of the Star Wars pin for someone I know who is a big fan!

      Wow, I did not know you quilted too!

      It wasn't just the need to end the war quickly but it was also to keep the USSR in check. But it was a terrible price so many civilians paid. Origami cranes are rather like doves of peace.

  2. Aren't those delightful! What an amazing amount of work as well.

  3. This is a fabulous idea and interpretation! Isn't that fox fabulous!


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