Enamels are usually applied on metals. But polymer clay artists have been trying  out low temperature enamels on baked clay! The faux ceramic/enamel look is awesome. Check out the beautiful poppy polymer clay flower tutorial by Ludmila Bakulina. You could add pins to the back so you can wear these. Very appropriate for Remembrance or Veterans Day which is coming up.

I love how she doesn't just use red but other enamel colors like black and white subtly to give depth and definition to the petals.

Ludmila uses a different brand of low temperature enamels available in Russia.  Some polymer clay artists over in this part of the world have been experimenting with Ice Resins which is more easily available. They come in many colors.  Oven heat is used instead of using a heat gun to set these enamels as well as cure the polymer clay.  When set properly, the enamels will have give the pieces a glossy finish.

You don't have to make poppies to appreciate the use of low temperature enamels such as Ice Resins for all kinds of other flowers and designs. They come in many different colors. Kira over on Polymer Clay TV has a lovely floral bib necklace tutorial embellished with Ice Resins and embossing powders.  She uses a heat gun to set them.

Sealing afterwards might be a good idea too.

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