Do you have an online jewelry store or are you planning to open one?  If you want to add something extra to your entrepreneurial adventure, then pick a distinctive name for either your jewelry store or your jewelry design. Something short (1- 3 words) but distinctive and memorable.

Check out the name generator from Behind the Name for single names. I selected "First Name" and "Feminine"and got the generator to randomly churn out ideas. Some of the names from Celtic myth category which I liked include Morrighan, Luned, Angharad, Niamh. These are perfect for wire wrapped designs with an elvish look.

The Name-Generator is another great site.  You start off with a known word or part of the word and decide if you want it at the beginning, ending, containing and so on. So when I typed in amethyst, I got a whole bunch of suggestions. Not all are suitable.  Amethystea or amethyston are possibilities I liked for amethyst designs!

If you use a lot of color in your designs, you could use a color thesaurus like the one collected by Ingrid Sundberg. There are plenty more color words to use.  Paint chip names also inspire. How about a Boysenberry Sparkle as a name for a purple design?

Fantasy Name Generators has a huge variety of generators. Most are two words randomly generated but you can choose to use only one of them for your designs. Under fantasy names, you could choose dragon, fairy, elf etc.  If I did an elvish design, I could name it "Arcaena" from the list below! Really fun site to explore.

You could also come up with a portmanteau, a new word made up of a few words.  For example brunch is a combination from breakfast and lunch. The Portmanteaur is such a  generator to try. As you can see not all suggestions are useful! So experiment.

There are tons of other generators online. So have a look and see if they help you come up with something unique!

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