Origami jewelry is simply lovely especially when done with Japanese paper. That's certainly one of the collections Canadian artist Gavin Canning offers on his Etsy store, FoldItCreations.  But he also sells hand folded metal clay origami jewelry - mostly in fine silver.

Scaling down to such small pieces is necessary. So many of his pieces are under 1 inch small. For example the crane pendant measures 0.9 x 0.5 inches.   Quite a feat even with regular paper let alone metal clay paper. Gavin says he uses a needle and bone folder to tackle the folding task!

Some of my favorites are the designs where he incorporated gemstones. Also notable are his gold and brass pieces where his hand folded fine silver crane necklace had been digitized and then 3D printed in raw brass or gold. These are then hand finished.

Gavin also shared on his blog how he obsesses with certain origami patterns until he masters it.  This wonderful patchwork modular star earrings of his is based on a craft wreath video tutorial by Stamping T!

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