A new kind of stitch definitely got some beaders excited with last week's giveaway for Melanie de Miguel's Hubble Stitch book! Pam Guthrie was spot on when she said, "Hubble Stitch looks like a great addition to my repertoire of stitches. The intricacy of the stitch is amazing." 

Valerie Burns also made a good point when she said, "I absolutely adore the looks of the hubble stitch. Since it is a new stitch there is very little about it found online unlike other stitches. Being able to use this book as an additional tool in my growing library of beading information would be an amazing inspiration."

Indeed, this author's book, Hubble Stitch: Instructions and Inspiration for this Creative New Lace Beadwork Technique really shows how versatile it is.

There can only be one winner though!  I numbered all the entries and got the random number generator over on random.org to pick the winner.  And that winner is Debra (minxdkrolo)!  Congratulations!

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