Some designers sure have a sense of humor. Wearing their creations might just be the thing to make others smile. At the very least, they could be great conversation starters! Shown here are a dozen of my latest picks among the enamel pin designers.

First up is the Back and Body Hurts pin shown above from KarolinaPaz. This pin resonates with me in my senior years because there are days when my back and body do ache so! The designer also offers the Survive Out of Spite pin below!

Tears of My Enemies in a Juicebox design made me chuckle. Very sassy indeed. The designer is Australian Ally of QuirkByAlly

One thing about us when we've piled enough years on, is that we become tough cookies!  This One Tough Cookie enamel pin is also by QuirkByAlly. 

This pin below can be paired with the top design, right?  The Always Tired enamel pin is also from QuirkByAlly

This really clever social mood sliding pin is interactive. You can get it from Canadian designer, Yaoli Chen of AtRealFlower.  She actually specializes in real flower resin jewelry.

Introverts would love this Small Talk Repellant enamel pin! The designer is by Nevada based Aniya of  Introvated

What a sassy collection of enamel pins from John of JohnMIGifts!

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