Cat videos and images are some of the most viewed on the internet!  Cats are often adorable and have the amusing reputation to be aloof jerks. Note the swiping off of objects from high places. People who have cats, and I am one of those, are suspicious that we exist only to serve their needs!

One funny image I once spotted was of a cat enjoying watching something on its iPad inside its little cat yurt (tent)! This delightful cat enamel pin shown above says it all - "I work hard so my cat can have a better life."  The designer is California based MsPandaStore.

In return, cats are excellent companions for curling up with a book and a cup of tea.  This cat enamel pin below is perfect for cat lovers who enjoy reading with their furry friends. The Italian designer is Ejenio.

Cats, big and small, adore boxes.  It's probably because they feel safe in them. I learned the hard way that a used cardboard box holds way more appeal than some fancy expensive cat bed with my cats.  I chuckled at this witty cat in a box enamel pin by Canadian designer,  RippleSplashStudio

Ever had a cat climb on your shoulder? Ouch! Their claws are like little knives.  So this black cat with a knife enamel pin is spot on!  The designer is Vancouver based Marla of marladraw

Wrapping up a cat in a towel to form a "purrito" is a good way to handle a fussy cat especially if you have to pop a pill down its throat and it disagrees with you! This cute purrito-burrito cat enamel pin is designed by Missouri based Jason of WinksForDays.

The unconditional love and companionship of owning a cat can have direct benefits to one's health.  I can attest that having a purring cat on your lap while you stroke it is an excellent de-stressor.  This cat enamel pin is the perfect non-medicinal prescription!  The designer is Illinois-based SteviePins

Cats are the world's most popular pets.  They are easy to keep as you don't have to walk or train them, they groom themselves and are self-reliant. They still bond and are affectionate to us when we come home. 
Cats have the reputation as being mysterious as it is more difficult to understand a cat than dogs. Dogs  are eager to please us while cats appear more aloof.  Cats actually lack the crucial eyebrow muscles which gives dogs and primates like us expressions. But in my experience, with careful observation, you can still understand a feline and its wants. 

Dogs were bred to be trainable animals. But cats are also trainable using food and clicker training plus lots of loving patience. 

Watch the Savitsky Cats which are owned and trained by a mother and daughter team originally from the Ukraine.  They appeared on America's Got Talent.  The cats are adorable although there were times when they would rather just do their own thing!


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