Spokane, Washington based Lori Reynolds, the designer behind Outoftheflames says she has been an artist all her life.  However she has been working mainly with glass and beads in the last two decades.

Her artistic talent is clear to see in her Native American inspired beadwork patterns for amulet necklaces, beaded tubes specifically for licorice leather bracelets as well as beaded bracelets. 

Her extensive bracelet collections are divided into loom or square stitch patterns as well as peyote or brick stitch patterns.  Square stitch is rather slow going so a beading loom is definitely recommended. There are different styles but the basic kind is very cost effective. 

Some of my favorites from Lori's repertoire is her Vanishing Herds collection. The polar bear is not really a herd animal but what she means is the fast disappearing wildlife. So many species - including humans - are now under threat with climate change. 

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