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Use Up Your Beads with Free Form Peyote!

I like the concept of free form beading. One can just bead and not worry about tiny errors.  It's also a great way to use up small bead stashes.  The versatile peyote stitch is the one to use!

Cyndi Lavin over at Beading Arts has a free form peyote necklace tutorial which she tentatively calls Carribean Sunset. Check out the clever way she made the clasp.

I'm glad Beki of Whim Beads let me feature her  free form peyote bracelet tutorial because it uses not just seed beads but metal and crystals too.

Her tutorial has her tips on how to add fun elements like picots and bridges while you go along.  Will you try it?

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  1. Very nice post. Yes Beki is a pretty generous lady.
    Great tutorials too.

  2. Again..more inspiration. Thank you!! Both tuts were great but I really loved the second one...a bit more detail given.

  3. Honestly spoken my try in freeform peyote looked like crap and was a complete disaster. *lol* And I'll not try that again in the near future. But I admire people making beautoful creations in this technique. I think my strengths are elsewhere. :-)

  4. Perhaps you are just too hard on yourself, Dagmar! One tip on making free form peyote is to stay with variations of one color. It's more likely one will come up with something lovely.

  5. Inspiring tutorials ... and yet ... Freeform peyote stitch is intimidating for some people, I can easily understand how freeform could go terribly wrong and end up being a wad of beads gone bad. Kokopelli has my sympathy and empathy.

    Still I am inspired to give it a try someday, if all goes well I'll be delighted, if it turns out a horrendous tangle of beads and thread, looking like something the cat just coughed up, I will never so much as whisper a word about it. It will be my dark, dirty little secret. :D


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