Old earring dangle as a hat embellishment
This guest post is by Sarah Grace Villaflor, a blog reader and jewelry making enthusiast.

Are you the type who gets so attached to a certain item and  insist on using it even though it is already old, damaged or broken? There is no need to feel embarrassed or stupid as this is common. People may find comfort and assurance in the presence of a very familiar object.

Some cannot sleep without their usual blanket with them. Others are not at ease writing their signature if they won’t be using that particular pen. Whatever item it is that you are emotionally attached to, there will come a time that it will not serve its purpose as much as you want it to. Like what was stated earlier, it will reach the point when it will become too old, broken or damage to work. But you always have the option to keep it with you.

One item that is difficult to just throw away is jewelry especially if it it is of sentimental value to the owner. There may be several reasons; either it is the first jewelry they bought with their own money, given by someone very dear to them, or it has been passed from generation to generation in the family. This may not be the truly expensive ones, but for the owner, it may mean more than the price.

You can still use broken jewelry in many ways. The ideas will be centred on what particular jewelry it is. Its form and shape will determine how you will be able to work on it.

1. Pendant
Most of the incurred damage of a pendant is when the loop (bail) where the necklace is threaded is broken. How will you be able to hang it now? For this item, you can turn it into a brooch or into a collar pin. Hot glue a safety pin or brooch pin at the back, depending on the size of the pendant. It should not be visible when looking at the front.  Be sure it is attached securely and you now have a very special brooch.

If the pendant has a flat back, you can also attach it to a box where you keep your trinkets and serve as a decoration.

Box with a pendant embellishment
2. Necklace chain
If the chain is broken, you can use this as the chain or string that you pull when you turn your bedside table lamp on or off. Add a small ornament on its end as an accent or you may loop it if it is too long. This is a nice way to see that memorable chain of yours before you end your day.

Necklace chain as a lamp pull switch
3. Bracelet  
Look for a plain pocket shirt and sew the ends of the chain across the opening of the pocket forming a u-shaped accent. Wouldn't it be nice the bracelet you love will remain close to your heart? Sweet!

4. Earrings 
Have you already lost the other half of the pair? It will be a nice touch for a hat to be decorated with a stud or even a simple earring. Push the post earring through your hat for that instant style. An elaborate chandelier earring can be super glued on a keychain or sewed on a bag as an accent.

So there you go! You now have a new use for those special broken jewelry of yours. Just be imaginative and you can create your own ways to use them as decoration.

About the author: Sarah is the relationship manager of Nanostyle.   NanoStyle is the first and only to imprint 24kt gold on Cubic Zirconia jewelry. The company is famous for creating elegant love pendants.

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