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I keep meaning to use ribbon in my jewelry making. They are so pretty and feminine. Perhaps these tutorials here will jump start my creativity!

Aubree over at the Yellow Blackbird blog was so inspired by an Anthropologie accordion-style necklace, she made her own version and shared the tutorial. It's a nostalgic craft - you may remember box braiding with plastic lace in your youth!

She created  two different colored ones out of grosgrain ribbon herself. It is such as smashing design, I am tempted to make one for myself. The crystals at either end of the ribbon focal is a glam touch.

This Crochet Ribbon and Pearl earrings by Valerie for Mommy Tyme Gifts is outstandingly unique! The combination of ribbon and pearls do exude class.

Valerie also used crochet to create a different version, this time using curling ribbon! Very pretty indeed!

College Fashion was inspired to make her own ribbon and chain version of a designer necklace.

 This pearl and ribbon choker is well-named. This is the Ladder of Beads Choker free tutorial from the Lark Crafts book, Beading Vintage-Style Jewelry: Easy Projects with Elegant Heirloom Appeal by Marty Stevens-Heebner and Christine Calla.

This easy organza ribbon and bead necklace and bracelet set is by Beads Unlimited on Cut Out and Keep. You'll need special ribbon clasps.

Rebecca's Ribbon and Pearl necklace tutorial over at My Girlish Whims blog does a wonderful job showing how to use ribbon ends.

LoveMaegan's Crystal and Grosgrain Ribbon tutorial is another designer inspired version.

If you can get large holed pearls or are willing to ream out some, then try the lovely Occasion to Remember necklace tutorial by The Bead Dreamer.

 PS I Made This has an easy multi-strand chunky pearl necklace tutorial that is really just several completed pearl necklaces gathered up with a ribbon tie at the back. This design can be done in a New York minute as shown in this brief accompanying video tutorial.

LoveMaegan also created this Knotted Ribbon Statement Necklace. It will take someone with fashionista flair to wear this one. Believe me it works, especially as a choker. Just click through to Maegan's post and scroll down to see a lovely picture of her modelling the necklace.

Jenna Z. on Cut Out and Keep has this festive Ribbon Lanyard bracelet tutorial. You could easily make any number to coordinate with outfits!

This easy ruffled ribbon bracelet tutorial by Craft Snob can be applied to all sorts of colorful ribbons. It's ripe for all sorts of embellishments, don't you think?

 You'll either have to buy aluminum bracelet bands or cut your own, but Bowdabra's Bendable One Size reversible grosgrain ribbon bangle is trendy especially in black and white.

You could color match any of the above tutorials with this Rose Ribbon Ring tutorial by Rubies and Pearls.

This ribbon band and flower bracelet tutorial by Mrs Sassy Crafter will really be cool as a wrist corsage now that prom season is around the corner. It'll also be a cool design for flower girls at weddings. The flower here is a synthetic flower but ribbon flowers can also be used. Via

Simple ribbon flowers can be added to asymmetrical necklaces as this video tutorial by Jill Schwartz of Vintage Groove demonstrates. She uses glue to attach the flower. If that doesn't suit, then try a wire attachment.

More Ribbon and Lace Jewelry Tutorials:

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  1. Wow, this is the post that keeps on giving - lots of great ideas. I especially love the first one with the blue ribbon.

  2. Just LOVE all the inspiration you give to us. Now...where is my ribbon stash? LOL


  3. Thanks for featuring my pearls & ribbon necklace, I'm grabbing a button now!

  4. Thank YOU for the wonderful inspiration and lesson! It's invaluable to those who have yet to use ribbon end findings.

  5. There's a lot of bead meets fiber information here. I adore the look of the ribbon mixed with pearls ... they compliment one another beautifully.

  6. The link to "ribbon band and flower bracelet tutorial by Mrs Sassy Crafter" doesn't seem to be working. Is there anywhere I can get that tutorial?


    1. Hi El,

      I have updated the link! Enjoy and thanks for letting me know!

    2. Thanks!

      It looks like the "easy organza ribbon and bead necklace and bracelet set" link is not working either :)

    3. Fixed! It was just a coding error. Thanks again for letting me know. It is a big help with broken links like these.


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