Many wire jewelry artisans do amazing work but few create so many outstanding iconic designs as Belgian based Cleopatra Kerckhof on Etsy does.

It's one thing to know what  hamsa (hand) or yin and yang symbols are. It's another to express them as intricate wire and gemstone designs.

Cleopatra demonstrates not just a good eye for form and patterns but also color. She is so good and so prolific, I had a very hard time choosing my favorites.

Cleopatra says she wanted to be an archaeologist when she was growing up. It didn't pan out that way but she shows her interest in past civilizations in her work and her name! She was inspired by the strong colors used by the Ancient Egyptians as shown in her earrings below. These feature chalcedony, coral and turquoise.

What could be more iconic in the animal world than the chameleon, the master of camouflage. Meet Karl the Rainbow Chameleon! His form was created by a combination of wire work and soldering.

Her Elisabeth the Virgin Peacock pendant necklace made it to Etsy's front page! It's a lovely vision of aquamarine, topaz and rock crystal gemstones used in the most fabulous way.

Batty Bella is surely the most elegant bat I have come across!

Cleopatra also has the ability to make whimsical designs such as this stunning apple design complete with a hole and the culprit, a little worm called Wilbur.

Flowers are also popular elements in jewelry design. Cleopatra does them all to perfection!

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