Virginia based artist, Joshua R. Pinkas of FrostDragonDesigns spent years as a freelance illustrator mainly for the fantasy and sci fi genres before starting his own design business.  

His adorable black cat enamel pins were the first to catch my attention.  He has many of them in fun costumes like the astronaut cat or the chemist cat.  Any cat fan will surely chuckle at the pin where the cat is napping on an open book!  

Joshua also designs cute RPG (role playing game) archetypes and classes like the wizard, sorcerer, game master among many others. The opossum with a die on a trash pile is another favorite.  He quips "It may be a trash roll, but it was THEIR roll!"

Joshua explains :
 All of my designs are my own original creations. I start my creative process with traditional drawings in sketchbooks. Then I recreate the designs digitally before sending them to my production partners to be turned into physical products.
See more of his designs on his Instagram

Sorcerer Cat

Game Master Cat

Opossum with Die Trash Roll

Wizard Cat

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