Tiffany Kerr is a Canadian crafter based in Montreal, Quebec. She said, "I have always had a passion for creating. I've dabbled in many mediums in passing over these last few years, absorbing each like a hungry sponge, and now I've found Etsy! It is such a rush to be part of a community of similar creatures."

Her store, TwillandPrint caters to passionate crafters like herself.  Her enamel pins and charms are both decorative and functional.

Yarnoholics will appreciate the fun enamel pins like the Craft Queen above as well as cute alpaca one.

Her stitch markers complete with lobster clasps are excellent progress keepers. I was also taken with her row counters which have movable marked wheels integrated with the stylish enamel pins.

The best of her notions has to be the "You've Got this!' Knitter's Keychain Multi Tool" which is available in two colors. This charm is like the Swiss Army knife equivalent for knitters.  Tiffany describes it as a tool to "Check your gauge, wraps per inch, carry your progress keepers, keep your yarn tidy and open your beer all with this handy keychain. You've got this!"

Row counter

Row Counter Enamel Pin

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