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There are lots of knitting and crochet enthusiasts out there. So why not make such a  friend some beaded stitch markers?

Markers help locate a key place in a work in progress. Handmade markers though are so much better and prettier than the cheap plastic versions available in stores.

They are easy to make as Jennifer shows in her tutorial over on her blog, The Craft Floozy.

These are just beaded dangles on split rings.  Jennifer gives some tips on what size rings to use for different sizes of knitting needles. Be sure to make really tidy wire wrap loops because you don't want the yarn to snag on the dangles.

Split or closed rings are better than ordinary jump rings because the latter could accidentally open and release the dangle.

But you don't have to use split rings. Inexpensive small toggles (without the bars) will work as well. The emphasis is on small as you don't want to add extra weight. Check out Michael's tutorial on Wormspit (silkworm/making site).

Image by Wormspit

Shala Kerrigan on BellaOnline has a wire wrapped beaded stitch marker tutorial. If you have extra long head pins, you could make a double loop at the top with large bailing pliers. Shala's tutorial shows how to make them if you don't have such long head pins.

Image by Shala Kerrigan
Some knitters  use fine yarn so they may appreciate finely made stitch markers.  So you can just use odd bits of beading wire and crimp beads as Allena Jackson did in her tutorial on Spindle and Wheel. The use of beading wire loops allows for a variety of sizes of knitting needles. 

Image by Allena Jackson
The following tutorial won't work for knitters but crocheters might well like it.  The beaded stitch marker is made with large lobster claws which attach and detach easily. This feature is useful as the markers have to be moved frequently as the work progresses.  The tutorial is by Camille Jacks Morgan who also has an Etsy store. You could also substitute the lobster claws with lever back ear wires which will be lighter.

Image by Camille Morgan

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