I've covered multi-strand crochet necklaces before which use lightweight monofilament fishing lines. But every instructor teaches and does things a bit differently so it pays to watch yet another tutorial!

This tutorial using gemstone chips is by British designer and instructor, Katie Parker. The materials and tools she uses is listed in her video description. 

Just a couple of tips. Katie uses a wooden bead board with pegs when it came time to make up the necklace.  You can also DIY the jig.  Just use long pins or even wood kebab sticks and poke them into a macrame board or a  piece of packing styrofoam.  See the first linked tutorial down below to see this done. That tutorial crochets up the lengths of necklace. 

Katie uses a plain wire loop to hook up the crochet necklace lengths. She them applied glue to keep them in place and also adhered to the inside of the wire cone.  Consider making a wrapped loop for security. Just hook up the necklace before completing the loop wrapping.

Her second tutorial shows how those wire cones are made. The cone making mandrel she uses is called the Wags Wicone which is available in the UK - currently unavailable at the time of writing. There is another make which is Artistic Wire's Conetastic mandrels which come in different sizes. 

Here is how the Conetastic mandrel and attachments work . Depending on the attachment, you can make the cone from either end of the mandrel :

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