Why are cats and dogs the most popular pets? It's because they provide us with companionship, unconditional love and judging by the endless supply of funny dog and cat videos, a lot of fun and laughter too.

So it is no wonder that when I went looking, there were many, many beaded cat and dog jewelry tutorials. Here are my favorites from some very creative designers.   

The first one is the beaded ginger tabby cat pendant necklace tutorial shown above. The designer is New Zealander, Charli Stardust of StarlingSparrow. She has a number of excellent pendant design tutorials for different dogs and cats. Her labrador design shown below has such a soulful look!

Another great designer is Massachusetts based Diana Grygo of thelonebeader who specializes in delightful bead embroidery pin tutorials as well as finished designs for many dog breeds and a few cats. I have featured her work beforeThis Yorkie tutorial of hers is so adorable!

Some of you may have remembered this splendid modern colorful cat loom pattern before. The Ukrainian designer is Polina of CrazyAcademy.  She enjoys designs divided necklace designs. A coordinating band design is provided for the rest of the necklace.  I featured her designs and kits before

Many people enjoy having both cats and dogs around.  I am always amused by the videos which often show cats sleeping on a large dog's bed which so exasperates the canines! This brick stitched beaded earrings tutorial shows a cosy pair. There is also a matching bracelet tutorial.

AsszaBeadingArts is another beadwork jewelry designer I have featured a number of times before. Her paw pendant and earrings tutorial can be made in any color scheme you want. 

Pets do get into all kinds of mischief. This cat and fish pendant design tutorial by just makes me smile! The Turkish designer is CATIKATIATOLYE.

Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs became our companions at different points in human history. Dogs were the earliest - some 30,000 years. They are the only animals we domesticated during the hunter-gatherer period. The dog's now extinct wolf lineage were probably attracted to excess meat shared by the hunters. Or the hunters could also have raised orphan pups which later became useful hunting partners besides being companions. 

The Near East wild cats were domesticated about 10,000 years ago when humans began farming for the first time in the Fertile Crescent in what is today's Middle East. People began to stockpile their surplus grain. That attracted rodents which in turn brought in wild cats which were highly skillful hunters. People realised the usefulness of cats so they began to leave food for them to keep the cats around. Cats became pets and later spread elsewhere as people took them along in their travels. Cats were excellent pest controllers on ships!

Dogs are omnivores - they can eat both plants and meat. But cats are obligate carnivores - they can only eat meat. So it's detrimental to the animals when well meaning pet owners make cats vegetarians like themselves. 

Dogs are social animals and thrive on interactions. Cats though, having descended from solitary hunters, are more independent than dogs. These differences can be seen in the two funny videos from Ze Frank's True Facts channel



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