Supporting Ukrainian Artisans

I was intrigued when I spotted Kyiv based Polina of CrazyAcademy's "gerdan" or necklace beadwork patterns.  It is uncommon to come across loom patterns for necklaces.  

However she does very well with her divided band approach. The bands meet up at the front where the design is merged for a focal area. A coordinated beaded strap is the part which goes around the neck.

Polina also offers other beaded patterns notably for earrings and bead crochet. She has many kits available.  

She said, 
I love smell of mowed grass, wet asphalt, baked milk and adore my amazing CrazyAcademy project. Every day I renew my patterns, add new diy kits and tutorials. I like creating unique things, collecting vintage, crafting. There are a lot of inspiration and creativity in my life, so I want to share with you.
Polina also has a finished beaded jewelry store called LinaOst. Her Instagram is @crazy.beader. 

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