Any one who does chain mail will have come across the beautifully colored anodized jump rings and scales. The electrochemical process used to color metal, changes the surface of the metal to produce an anodic oxide finish. 

It's a very controlled oxidation process which can result in different colors. The process works only on some metals, typically aluminum, titanium and nobium. The first two are preferred by chain maillers because they are softer to work with. 

Anodized metal finishes will not peel or flake off but care is needed to avoid scratches. Regular buffing will bring back the vibrance. 

Watch this Art Insider video which shows how jewelry makers transform the metals. 

Here are some gorgeous examples of anodized titanium jewelry by some talented designers! This unique anodized titanium ring is by Lithuanian artist, Albertas of ATDesignStudio.

UK artist Joanne of JoanneCoxJewellery creates incredible aluminum cuff designs with this technique. This leaf design is gorgeous. 

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