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Do you find chain maille to be a little too masculine?  Well, here are some flower tutorials which feminize chain maille jewelry. Use the floral motif alone for earrings, a pendant or even as key chain charms. Or you could link them with other flowers or components for larger scale jewelry.

Japanese Flower
This lovely pair of Japanese style chain maille flower is by Lauren Anderson, otherwise known as The Chain Maille Lady on Etsy. She calls this the Pink Passion Flower earring tutorial. She uses enamel coated copper rings and rubber rings to great effect.

You can make this flower in any metal, not just what she used. Make a number of flowers and link them to form a bracelet or group them for an awesome focal section in a necklace. Check out Marilyn Gardiner's Japanese Flower tutorial and you'll see what I mean. She has a different way of starting the Japanese flower than Lauren's method.

Star flower 
This star like flower tutorial using colored anodized aluminum rings is by Lunabellvarga on Deviantart.  She also has an Etsy store called The Rose Maillery. Her use of different hues really makes chain maille far more interesting than using only one metal.

Reverse Tao flower
I have no idea why it's called that but the Reverse Tao is a more challenging weave. Fortunately, there is a very clear video tutorial by FalloftheNoldor using big rings. You'll have to click on that link as I cannot embed it here. She also has an Etsy store called Maille Mosaics.

Fuschia Flower
Fuschias are one of my favorite flowers so it was delightful to see Culturejewelry's fuschia flower inspired tutorial!  ( Link is no longer available. 

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  1. This is a great post. These designs are much more feminine than the usual look. I also like adding pearls or crystals to soften the look.

  2. Great tutorial on uTube!!! It's very clear and I think I can do it now!!! Thanks for making it easier.

  3. Chain mail just keeps getting mroe and more interesting! I like the combination of strong and "flowery."

  4. These are very feminine designs! I love the infusion of color that the colored rings bring to the pieces. It gives each pattern a completely different look, depending on which colors are chosen.

  5. Thank you so much for posting my tutorial on the Japanese Flower Earrings!


  6. There are two ways to create a mobius flower. The first method shown is what I normally use and the rings are fed through the front, the second method is what is needed for the Sprial 6in1 weave and the rings are fed through the back.

  7. Wow, looks very feminine and beautiful. And that's strung from a chain. What an amazing skill

  8. Love those fuschia flower earrings! Cute!

  9. I found you via search while looking for someone to post how THEY made the flowers out of TheRingLord's scales. I've never done a tutorial & have always wanted to put up an unmet Instructable need & I think it's obvious how to make it just from looking at it! Two rings through each scale joined by a smaller center ring w/ 5 larger rings parallel to the face of the scales, repeat on the reverse & join both sides w/ tiny rings! That Reverse Tao you couldn't find instructions for I found in a search,

  10. Thanks so much for adding another useful link for us to check out!


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