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Carlashes - Crystal Eyeliner and Eyelashes for your Car!

I first featured Carlashes on my Facebook page much to the amusement of some readers who caught it. One said her sons were appalled. This prompted me to suggest she installed them on her car if she wanted it to remain hers only to drive!

What I didn't know then was the flexible car add-on included crystal eyeliners! Carlashes attach above the headlights of any car with 3M automative trim tape. The cute factor really rises when the eyelashes are applied to cars such as the Volkswagen Beetle, Mini Cooper and Porsche.

The guys may not like it - cue in rolled eyes to ceiling - but the invention makes sense. The feminization of tech products with crystals and traditionally feminine colors is already a well entrenched practice, so why not cars?

Watch those crystals sparkle in the sun in this video!

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  1. Well - if you are going to have carlashes they should have crystals. Wonder what this would look like on our truck?

  2. Somehow, I don't think your husband is going to let you anywhere near the truck with these carlashes!! Pearl

  3. Pearl, my son is looking at this behind me and yecching about it, as most men would, haha. He thinks it would be very entertaining for the guy that has to change your oil but said he'd rather take a taxi than drive in one.

  4. That's a HECKuva lot better than truck nuts!

  5. *ROFLMAO* That is exactly the crazy kind of thing people would expect me to put on my car! Stick-on flat carlashes were very popular a few years ago when the Renault Twingo hit the markets for the first time. Every other Twingo had them on.

  6. Good point, Cara!

    Will you buy them, Dagi?

  7. Those are so cute! But they would work best on cars that are cute, mine is not. :(

  8. I was laughing when I found this post... but then I saw the picture. I'm thinking if I can ever afford a company-only car for myself (home based jewelry business) it might be worth dressing it up to attract attention.

  9. What an awesome idea for those who can quit their day job and make jewelry!

  10. The guys always think that maybe, the cars have gender and it's always male. Well, with these lashes on, it now looks like a female. =)


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