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How to Efficiently Manage Your Blogging and Social Media Time

Do you make jewelry to sell?  If so, you probably know promotion is the key. It's no point having an online store and expect traffic to come without doing any promotion. The internet doesn't work like that.

Many artisans chose to write a blog and are active in a few social media communities. Indeed blogging,Twitter, Facebook and Flickr are cited by artisans as the key places to interact. But many people lack the time to participate, and are overwhelmed by it all.

The solution for time-pressed individuals - including those of you who don't sell jewelry - is to automate posts as much as possible. You can use Twitterfeed for example, to automatically post blog articles to Twitter. I recommend NetworkedBlogs to do the same for Facebook.

I've also discovered a wonderful free service called which allows you to autopost your snappy 140 character text messages to Twitter, update your status on Facebook, send your latest pictures to Flickr or your blog all via email. Several blogging platforms are supported.

You can easily attach any file and links - photos, audio files, documents, video - in your email. The files are converted automatically to a web friendly format. Just check out their how-tos. However, Facebook's API (application programming interface), will not currently permit you to attach photos in your Posterous autopost if you want to send it to your Facebook Page (profile is okay). If only it would work for the Page - I would use it more.

Those of you who are thinking of blogging but wary of the set up and maintenance of a full blog, a Posterous hosted micro-blog might appeal as a simpler alternative. (Tumblr is another popular micro-blogging site.)

The best part about Posterous is the ability to autopost simultaneously. Depending on how you set up your account, you could for instance choose to write once and post to both Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. Or go for broke and post to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr AND your Posterous blog all at once!!

If your workplace blocks Twitter and Facebook, you could still post there as Posterous works via email. But only at lunch or during breaks, right?

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  1. I use Posterous heavily, especially for the autopost features, and it's amazing. I recommend it to everyone. Great service and free! (no affiliation here, just a happy user)

  2. I'm not affiliated too. It is an excellent service and growing too.

  3. One more way to direct traffic to ur website or blog is by using that link as ur status in messenger like Gtalk...because somebody or the other is online all the time..and you'll get immediate feedback and through the chat and an actual sale or commission can be immediately made...It has worked a lot of times for me

  4. Well this sounds easier than cloning myself. LOL
    Thanks for the helpful tips. :)

  5. LOL! Yes, I'm fresh out of clones myself!

  6. These tips are very nice to do. Thank you very much for guidance.

  7. Managing my time spent on the computer is one of my biggest challenges right now. I read a LOT but haven't found the best way to locate a target market and reach them. The internet's a huge place and these tips keep me from getting too lost!

    Thanks for the info!


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