Scalloped rows of bead strands help make collar necklaces stand out as well space out design elements.  I particularly love the above design tutorial by Anchik Martynova. A visually stunning piece which I think will look wonderful with a simple evening dress.

The tutorial and captions are in Russian but it is easy to follow as she shows diagrams.

This Turkish designer used a black and white color scheme for a lovely scalloped necklace tutorial. The beaded diamonds make great accents.  I think the designer used 8/0 beads but the info said 11/0.  Either should work depending on whether you like delicate beads or need to see bigger beads!!

This pretty lacy Beaddiagrams necklace pattern is an easy one for beginners.

The net necklace below from the French blog, La Bijoutisse, has a lovely reverse scalloping on the lower edge.  Click on SCHEMA to download the pdf.

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