I first wrote about using the Cat's Paw Knot and a variation,  as more secure donut gemstone knots to use. These were originally fishing knots.  

I stumbled upon a simpler tutorial on how to do the Cat's Paw ( click here for the 4.35 mark) The Croatian instructor is CbyS Paracord. He has a number of paracord jewelry tutorials in his Youtube channel. 

He actually shows us how to do 4 paracord knots in his tutorial - the cow hitch, the bull hitch, the cat's paw and the diamond knot which resembles a ball. Wonderful quick gift idea!

They are all easy to do and looks good especially with thicker cord. The key chain application is a good one because you can use the paracord end to hang it up on a hook.

You can also use thinner rattail cord. The cat's paw (brown cord below) is one of two knots I now use for donuts as they are both attractive and secure. The other is the palomar knot (click through to see the tutorial).  The bull hitch (grey cord) is my third choice - the cords appear to cross at the top.  The least favorite, and the one I will not use nor do I recommend, especially for slippery cord like rattail, is the cow hitch (pink) - this knot will not stay in place. 

An alternative way to do the Cat's Paw knot is demonstrated in this tutorial for 6 knots by ParacordPlanet. It is the first knot in the compilation.  Perhaps easier to do than the one above because all you have to do is rotate the ring (or donut) twice. 

The Napoleon's claw knot (in green) is also a good looking knot for a donut but a bit more complicated to do.

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