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Adapt Fishing Knot Tutorials for Jewelry Making!

I came across this power knot tutorial on Pinterest. It is totally uncredited so if you know its source, please let me know.  When I asked this question on my Facebook page some time ago, some followers recognized it as a fishing knot. Fishing knots are very useful for jewelry making!

So I went hunting for possible sources.  I had a little help from Facebook follower, Filio Vas Ellinis who pointed out some tutorials.  One of the most useful sites I found is Animated Knots. They have very good visuals for learning all kinds of knots - fishing, decorative etc. I may be wrong but the above picture could be a modified Snell knot.

One of the most useful knots to know for jewelry is the sliding knot - great for claspless cord necklaces.  It is actually known as the double fisherman's knot or grapevine bend.  The tutorial shows a minimal number of wraps around the main cord.  I would do, say 4-5, more before passing the end through all the wraps. Their video tutorial has voice instructions.

Animated Knots have a step by step tutorial called the Non-Slip Mono Knot.  They also have a video tutorial. It should be obvious why I like this one. Instead of fish hooks, I would attach both ends of the cord to jump rings/clasps - closer to the metal components than shown in the tutorial. The tight knot  is fairly easy to do. The cord end is also on the clasp side rather than towards the focal. So if you burn off the cord end well, the work will be neat.

I also like the surgeon's loop for knotting cords at clasp ends. The video tutorial is here.

The drooper loop knot looks like it might be useful for hanging a pendant, don't you think?  The video tutorial is here.

Please note you will have to look at fishing, sailing and other knot tutorials from a jewelry maker's perspective.  I don't think any of us in this blogging community are into attaching fish hooks in our jewelry pieces! So some of them will need adaptation. Just use your creativity to see the possibilities.

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  1. Thank you Pearl for some very valuable tutorials. This is definitely going to be bookmarked by me for future reference as I am always forgetting how a specific knot is made.

  2. Me, too! So I am constantly looking up. This post is actually also a reminder for ME!

  3. Mmm ! Very interesting. Comes in useful.

  4. Thank you for sharing these knots! I would love your input on something I find challenging. I love to use silk cord to knot pearls/stones. I prefer to use decorative knots to secure the clasps instead of the metal cup component with hook. The hard part is finding a knot to use "at the end" of the necklace when you have a full cord of beads. There is no room to play with sliding knots or decorative knots. Hopefully this question makes sense ;) Thanks!

  5. Love the fishing knot. So easy it's fun to do!

  6. PamyB - I think I understand what you wish you accomplish. You will have to stop the beading part with a final knot some distance from the clasp. You would then do the knotting for the clasp beyond that knot. Does this make sense?

  7. Thanks Pearl, I will give that method a try :)


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