Making paracord jewelry is fast because the most common size (550) is quite thick...and manly!  So if you enjoy the speed macrame style but want to make it feminine, bling it!  The bejeweled paracord bracelet tutorial  is by Erica over on Honestly WTF.

She recycled some really blingy earrings for her tutorial.  This is a great idea for singletons if you have lost the other one.  If you're not so into brooches but inherited some from an older family member, then use them for this bracelet base.  Beader?  Bead a component like a flower or mandala and sew it to the paracord.

Still don't like the thickness of the paracord?  Try Paracord Type I which is less bulky. It is also known as dummy cord and is typically used as straps for small items like cameras, GPS units and compasses etc.

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