If you've been reading my blog for a while, you would have come across Judy Larson who is an amazing instructor.  She gives free jewelry making classes locally - see more about Judy here.  But she also graciously allows me to share her tutorials on this blog.  

Judy said, "I always try to have a quick project for students who arrive early to class.  That way I do not have to continually re-teach a project and there is an incentive to be there on time. I had a ton of short leather pieces sitting in a box on my workbench, just waiting for the right project.  And then there were those large hole silver beads staring at me since the 1970’s.  

I really do not like large hole beads for the type of work I do, so who knows why I bought them.  The History Channel series Vikings just finished the second season and it hit me that something like these earrings might be what some of the women would have worn- wire, leather, and a bead-no glue."
Judy was in a hurry preparing for classes so she did not write her usual full tutorial. Her step by step pictorial is just fine for this easy earrings design.  It might need a little finangling to get the knots even when making two identical earrings.

Judy has a novel way of using a length of wire to bind the leather ends together at the top as well as use them to form a loop for ear wire attachment. She said, " I knew I did not want to use glue in ends, as they would not have been used in Viking times, so wire seemed the only way to go." 

But if you aren't into the Viking no glue approach, you can also use fold over end clamps instead with a dab of glue for security.

Download tutorial here.

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