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The Grinner Fishing Knot Tutorial for Jewelry Clasp Ends

My past post on how to use fishing knots for jewelry making was a hit. Many jewelry designs are based on cords so finding a good knot especially for jewelry clasp ends is a good thing.  We want the knots to look good and also to hold firmly.  Glue would not be necessary. Think about it - fishermen do not use glue on knots and yet they are firm enough to take the weight when a fish is caught.

The first pictorial from that past post showed a modified grinner (or uni or universal)  knot. I like that one because the cord is doubled through the hole of the clasp. But there are apparently more than one way to make a grinner knot!  Here are two which I found helpful.

 The video tutorial by Myles Gascoyne shows a grinner knot that has double wrappings.  This knot will be easier to pull tight with satin cords like the rattails. Expect to have to ease tight the less slippery materials like leather and cotton cords.

One of the pictorials over on the Kryston site shows a simple grinner knot with just one wrapping. This one is good if the hole of the clasp finding is not big enough to take a double cord as shown in the first tutorial here.

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  1. Pearl - you have taken me back to my fishing days!

    Of course we never used a drop of glue. It just wasn't something you had in your tackle box. Not only would it dry out but can you imagine the mess it would get yourself into out on a boat with the waves rocking you about? (I actually snorted as I typed that....)

    Thanks for posting this - it has not only brought back some great memories but reminded me of some very useful ties.

  2. I wish I had some fishing experience because there must be a great many others for us to use!

  3. Thank you so much for this post. It has helped me immensely!

  4. The tip many fishermen know is to lick the fishing line where the wraps are right before you pull it tight. For some reason, the knot is then even tighter to keep a fish from pulling the knot out.

    1. I guess the extra fluid makes the fishing line slicker so the knot can be tightened even further. Probably not a good idea to lick leather or cotton cord!


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