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Book Review - Fiber & Cord Jewelry

Bohemian or "Boho-chic"  is the particular style which reflects the carefree fashion approach to using less conventional materials.This imaginative style does indeed remind one of the original inspirations, the spirited nomads of Central Europe. Bohemian comes from the French word "Bohémien" for "gypsy". Boho chic jewelry makers typically love using leather, cords, lace and ribbon.

book review - fiber and cord jewelry

The book I recently received from Kalmbach Publishing is Ashley Bunting's uber boho chic jewelry book, Fiber and Cord Jewelry.  The book consists of 25 of her creative and easy designs. These are sorted into chapters according to material type : Paracord, Hemp, Cotton and Naturals, Leather and Ribbon and Lace.

book review - fiber and cord jewelry

I was particularly taken with the highly imaginative use of paracord 550 (also known as parachute cord). It was the popularity of this cord which sparked this book. But the designer wanted to veer away from the typical paracord survival bracelets many did.  So she treated paracord in a variety of clever ways.  She made tubes out of them as with her Beachcomber's Wrap-Around Bracelet. Her other projects include melting and fusing them together and teasing them into tassels. The Playful Posies brooch, a branched floral design on the cover, shows her talent for manipulating paracord!

book review - fiber and cord jewelry

Another favorite from the book is her Knots and Baubles necklace because it features classic monkey's fist knots. A pretty rendition of what is a nautical knot with a long history. 19th century sailors used to carry short lengths of rope with this heavy knot at the ends because they were handy weapons in street and tavern brawls.

book review - fiber and cord jewelry

She also covers how to make lovely leather flowers as shown on the cover.

The author's talent for making wonderful but easy designs is evident in her Charm and Flare bracelet where she added dangles to leather lacing with headpins!!

book review - fiber and cord jewelry

There are so many pretty ribbons and lace out there.  The projects in this section of the book showcases some neat ways to use them. Some examples include the sparkly ribbon brooch on the Contents page above and this Courtly Velvet wristlet design below :

book review - fiber and cord jewelry

One of the most fun and versatile is the final project in the book, the Tropical Woven Bib necklace. I love how she used alternating colored hitch knots to connect and separate the base cords.

book review - fiber and cord jewelry

This book is a delight for Bohemian jewelry lovers.  Also fun for those who are tired of stringing and those who need a little help to flex their creative muscles exploring other fun materials.


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  1. What a great review Pearl!

    Not only does Ashley show us how to use all these materials in different ways - but she also gives us a different approach to the use of knots/macrame that one wouldn't normally think of.

    I really liked the dangling findings in that leather bracelet. I do like jewelry that makes a sound when you wear it. That's just me.

    Thanks for this review Pearl. I think it's going to be a book to add to my library. And I probably wouldn't have without you.


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