Claire Lee, who runs Supply Emporium, explained how she got started. She said, "I retired in 2005 and moved from sunny California to Boise, Idaho, where I continued crafting as I had done all my life, as an outlet to eliminate stress."

Claire sells beads and other supplies but these also include a huge selection of beautiful bead packs or kits. She collaborates with many bead jewelry designers - some of the associated tutorials are free, some are available from those instructors. Having ready made kits makes it easy to get everything you need for the project in one go. Win-win might be a cliche but it is so true in this case for the designer and bead seller.

What makes her packs so gorgeous are the components she either creates or puts together for beaders. Her unique handmade embossed leather sliding knot clasps is one stunning example. You can see an example in the Dragon Mystery pack above. The tutorial is free from Linda's Crafty Inspirations. Linda was one of the early bead bloggers who helped get her started.

Can't help ogling those leather clasps? She also makes and sells them individually.

Deb Roberti, who many of you already know from her site Around the Beading Table has helped and partnered with Claire for several of her designs. This gorgeous example has a beautiful dragonfly button (and an alternative as the dragonfly one is limited) which matches the colorway so well.

Claire definitely has a keen eye for color and sources just the right button for the bracelets.  This Rulla Herringbone bracelet is another fine example.

Claire actually wrote just one tutorial of her own - the Bridges bracelet kit.  She said, "This is my first tutorial which gives me new respect for those who create and write them."  She admitted that it took her 3 months and she very nearly gave up if not for the help and encouragement by two other designers!

Here are a couple more from her bead pack section:

Claire also makes other kinds of connectors. Some simple leather ones as well as these beautiful copper patina toggle and bar clasps.

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