TreeTerracom is a  Toronto based, Canadian supplier who specializes in uncommon components from all over the world.  Especially noteworthy are the handmade Greek metal components for jewelry making.  This little horse charm with a verdigris patina below somehow reminds me of the Trojan horse story!
 Many of the designs are available in different metals - like bronze, copper and pewter as well as in verdigris.  The latter has a rustic look about it.  I found it hard to pick which I liked better for the fish clasp :

Another favorite of mine is the small fish clasp :

This one is  a Greek fan connector with suitable holes at the bottom for adding dangles.

TreeTerracom  carries several historically based designs including coins depicting Alexander the Great and Roman coins.  I think the Alexander the Great pendant on a simple leather cord necklace would make a great gift for someone called Alexander!

This is unusual. A fish made out of Hellenic worry beads which are probably intended to be used as a necklace focal.  Fidgets can certainly move each component about!

The design on the bezel below is based on the Phaitos disc, a mysterious and and controversial 2nd millenium B.C. fired clay disc. No one has been able to decipher the symbols. Some scholars think it could be hoax, made by its 1908 discoverer.

The store has several hundred items so have fun exploring!

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