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How to Make, Stamp and Patina a Copper Washer Bracelet Tutorial

Erna Kilroy's metal work tutorial on how to make, stamp and patina a copper washer bracelet over on the Craftsy blog is a super one because she includes so many techniques.  She creates all the washers from scratch, that is, with a disc cutter.  If you do not have one of those, washer blanks can be bought.

I love all her ideas for texturing the washers - she uses a variety of things including hammers, hole punchers and metal stamps.

She uses Liver of Sulfur gel but you can also use Gun Blue (see below) which has no odor.

And to top off all her tips, there is even a mini tutorial included for making the toggle clasp bar.

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  1. Erna's copper bracelet is fantastic. I love the look, it crosses over so many styles; it could be Bohemian, Tribal, even Industrial.
    Her tutorial is easy to follow and her directions cover everything without making you wonder "How'd she do this" or "How am I supposed to do that?"

  2. I LOVE this ! More fun with a hammer!

  3. I love working with copper - and copper washers are so easy to use as well!

    This tutorial is certainly a great inspiration for doing some marvellous things with it.

    I thought the toggle was a great finishing idea!


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