There are all sorts of chains out there for jewelry makers, in different metals and link sizes. They aren't just for necklaces. So consider making woven chain bracelet tutorials! Working with several lengths of chains needs a little patience and above all, some organization so you don't get them all tangled up!

First up is the excellent video tutorial by Kriss Silva of Beaducation who teaches how to make her wire woven chain ring design with a gemstone embellishment.  It is a wonderful way of making a cold connection metal ring.  The general technique can also used for a bracelet.

There are challenges though which will require the learner to pay close attention to the instructions. The design is chain specific - a flat drawn cable - which will require just the right gauge of wire for the weaving.  Fitting the ring and choosing the right stone size are also important issues.  

Want something easier?  Check out this woven chain bracelet tutorial by House of Gems.  It is a very straightfoward to make and will look good with different colored chains.  I am sure most of you can figure it out that there is some instruction missing in this tutorial.  The scrap beading wire is used to hook up the group of black chains before it is used to feed them in and out through the large brass chain.

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