I have a collection of odd shaped but dull looking sea glass pieces which so need some more "oomph" other than wire wrapping.  So when I came across Jenny Rohrs of Craft Test Dummies' easy way to make faux dichroic glass jewelry using sea glass, I was intrigued! Her way does not require a kiln or fancy glass bits.

faux dichroic glass using sea glass

She chose flat sea glass pieces. Other than that, the clever use of dimensional glaze and a variety of recycled cellophane wrap is all you need.

Tumbled shards of glass will also work if you don't have any sea glass.

You can either wire wrap or if wire work is not a forte, use a glue on bail.  I am not sure if drilling a hole after all that work is a good thing, The glaze layers and cellphone wrap might come apart.

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