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Pearl Earrings Tutorial Features Wire Wrapped Prong Style Bead Cap

Dona Dicarlo's dainty pearl earrings tutorial is really a wire wrapped bead cap with prongs!  The prongs are merely decorative as the pearls are held up with head pins.  This design should also work for larger beads.

It is quite easy to make as it is constructed with double wires.

But one thing to watch out for are the prongs. The wire ends are cut at an angle.  I would slide some sandpaper in between the pearls and wire end and file off any burs. Also be careful when bending the prongs to the pearls as you don't want to scratch these delicate gemstones.

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  1. Remember how we both fell in love with these earrings when we discovered this tutorial?

    Since then I've thought about these numerous times. I've thought about different gemstones of course but in the end I think that if I made these they'd definitely become part of my earring stash. There's just no way I could make something like this and come up with a reasonable price for them. There's too much work involved to to be able to translate a price for them and I know I'd never get fast enough at wire weaving.

    Besides....they are just too beautiful to sell.

    1. LOL! I understand. It is hard to part with some of our creations!


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