Throughout the centuries, royalty and the incredibly well-monied distinguished themselves from ordinary people by decorating common objects with gemstones. So here is the first of my posts on bejewelled objects.
For a cool million US dollars, you can pick from one of three models of gem loaded PCs from the California based Moneual Lab which makes home theater PCs and cases. Their Jewelry PC line has been designed by the jewelry designer, LC Buckingham. Moneual also plans to bring out other luxury PCs worth about $30,000 each with less expensive gemstones!
The Renaissance features diamonds, emeralds, and rubies; the Baroque has diamonds and sapphire and last but not least the Rococo comes with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires. All three are also embellished with 18K Yellow Gold and 18K White Gold.

Would you buy one - assuming you had a million dollars spare? Seems a waste to put gemstones on an electronic item! I'd much rather be wearing them. And for those who care about the bells and whistles of electronic items, I doubt that the gemstones would draw their attention. Then again, the whole idea about owning a bejewelled object is that not many people could afford one!


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