Pink Emeralds are the gemstone industry's Official Gemstone for Valentine's day 2007. Pink? If you thought all emeralds are green, you are right!! A pink emerald (or pink beryl) is actually morganite which is in the beryl family of gemstones as are green emeralds and aquamarine. Beryl itself is colourless but when it contains small amounts of chromium and vanadium, it becomes green (emerald) but if the impurity is manganese, then the colour is pink (morganite).

Natural pink emeralds are scarce. They are classified as rare gems - they are 25,000 times rarer than green emeralds, 40,000 times rarer than rubies and sapphires and 120,000 times rarer than diamonds which are really not rare at all. And what makes these beautiful stones such an investment is that there are apparently no working mines still producing them.

The Pink Emerald Company, the exclusive and largest retailer of pink emeralds just announced that a one of a kind "World's Largest Heart Shaped Pink Emerald" (169 carats) is for sale for $2,600,000 USD. It is about the size of a baby's fist. This beauty was found and mined in Minas Gerais, Brazil and was cut and faceted a master gemstone carver in Idar Oberstein in Germany, the leading gem cutting center of Europe. The ultimate Valentine's gift indeed for one lucky woman.

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