My blog really needed a refreshing change. After much hunting on the internet, I stumbled upon Finalsense which offered loads of well designed blogger templates with an attractive price point - free! When someone is as html code challenged as I am, I could use with all the help I can get.

They had many designs to suit every taste but alas, nothing on jewelry. But I really liked their pink flower template. It had the clean open look much like the first blog template for that touch of class. So with the help of my 12 year old daughter who likes Photoshop Elements, we came up with a composite photo that melded the floral and jewelry themes. The main pink flower and a couple of other design elements were missing the first few days until another blogger palmdoc ,also known as my brother, came to the rescue. The navbar at the top for searching within the blog has also reappeared thanks to a tip from another blogger, VanessaUnplugged I came across on the internet. So a big thank you to everyone who helped.