The small USB flash drive for backing up computer files or transferring them is a godsend compared to older ways. However, if you have worn one or seen someone wear one, you would agree that whilst useful, it does have that G-E-E-K-Y look about it. I confess I hide mine in the drawer or in my purse rather than wear it.

So, I was intrigued to see the first Active Crystals offerings from the partnership between Philips and Swarovksi. The Heart Wave and the Heart Beat pendant offer high tech style without sacrificing function - the drive itself is cleverly hidden in what looks like a regular necklace at first glance. Notice that the necklace mounting is on the side for practical reasons as the heart locket opens at vertical centre.

They offer 1 GB storage and will cost closing in on US $200. They will soon be on sale in August so check out the high end retailers then.

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