The Library and Archives of Canada has some old illustrated public domain pictures published in the nineteenth century showing jewelry stores in Montreal and Toronto.

The 1875 illustration on the left is of Savage, Lyman & Co.'s Jewelry and Silverware Establishment, St. James Street in Montreal. This store was on of the largest jewelry stores in the country back then. Henry Birk, the founder of the jewelry chain that bears his name, once worked at that store before opening his own.

What is striking is how much space there was within the store. Perhaps it was to accommodate the bustled skirts of the ladies? The bustle was the framework worn by women under their skirts so that the heavy cloth was prevented from sagging down at the back. Women today wouldn't care for such exaggeration of their backsides! How times change.

Public Domain Illustration "Canadian Illustrated News, Vol. XII, No. 26, Page 412. Reproduced from Library and Archives Canada's website Images in the News: Canadian Illustrated News."