There are two things I've grown to love about blogging. Firstly, I get to write about design and the little stories behind each creation, beads and the person who makes or wears the jewelry. Secondly, I have "met" many new friends who share an interest in jewelry making. Kimberly is one such person, an American beading enthuasist who sent me this picture. She is already experienced in other crafts and like me, she values crafting traditions.

She recently created these sweet blue earrings for her boyfriend's mother who in addition to being an avid birdwatcher also appreciates handmade glass. She tailored her design to the recipient using handmade glass birds she had bought - these are very small, a testament to the good eyesight of the lampworker! The other beads from her bead collection matched the blue of the bird,its tiny yellow beak and black eyes!

I agree with Kimberly that a handmade gift means so much more as it is a gift that took time to make, is unique and constitutes a thoughtfulness which is in short supply these days.