Feature Designer

Genny Smith currently living in sunny Florida started her bead addiction the usual way - trying out a new craft and got hooked immediately. Much as she loves to design jewelry, she enjoys teaching the craft too. She is presently developing classes for the over-55 in her community. I agree with Genny, that teaching is not only fun but we get to meet so many lovely people.

Genny has written a few free beading tutorials on her website, called New Bel Chain & Bead LLC. Tutorials such as hers are invaluable to the beginner who wish to learn on their own. I am sure we can expect more tutorials in the future from this generous teacher.

I have picked her purple spiral stitch tutorial because it is an attractive and popular beadweaving stitch suitable for beginners. Spiral stitch is actually very easy yet looks complicated to the uninitiated. The seed bead colour combination chosen by Genny here is strikingly pretty. There are thousands of other possibilities. The peyote cuff adds a lovely focal point to the necklace, like a lamp work bead would do. The peyote stitch is one of the classic beadweaving stitches that beadweavers use a great deal to create beautiful designs with humble little seed beads.

Picture with kind permission from Genny.