Feature Designer

Cynthia Daniel calls her jewelry design business CND Jewelry Tales. Her original chain maille jewelry are all handcrafted and every piece comes with its own short story hence the "tales"!

This charming and novel approach is to me, best illustrated with her "Hugs and Kisses" copper bracelet. The tale here is one of a mother anxiously awaiting the first letter home from a son in college. When it comes, the letter ends with very large crosses and noughts, made big because the son knew the mother would be crying. The handmade copper bracelet design does indeed represent hugs and kisses; the hugs with the large jump rings and kisses with the chain maille woven knots. Cynthia had been thinking about her friend's son who just went off to college when she made this piece.

Cynthia also participated in the September 27 Stop Abuse Campaign, a blogdom event when many bloggers simultaneously posted about abuse. Her contribution on spousal abuse was her "Heart's Ease" sterling silver chain maille necklace with sapphires and a heart-shaped lamp work bead by Gail Kops of Beadles.

I found it rather fun to see what inspired the short story for each of her designs. For more stories and designs, check out Cynthia's blog.

Picture with kind permission from Cynthia.